Our software leverages our patented quantum technologies and AI to reduce the scan time up to 16 times.

The software has two elements, an AI module, and a quantum sensing software.

The software interacts with the user through a Webapp.

It sends instructions for a fast MRI scan, collects the data, and sends them to the cloud.

After processing the data and generating the MRI images, it sends them to the medical doctor. 


The following demonstration shows some of the images generated by our software.
For comparison, we have put the next to the traditional images (right). 
By moving the slider to the left and right, you can see that the images generated by our software (left) are almost identical and in some cases even sharper than the original images(right).
Foqus AI-Accelerated Scans
(4X) Faster
Traditional MRI scans

You can use the dropdown menu to see the comparison for different modalities (T1,T2, FLAIR) and for different anatomies (Brainm Knee).